The Next Part

What’s the next part added to the OEM Auto Parts Plus website?  What’s the next part you should know when it comes to our auto parts world?  Our website has been active for a month and half, and we are doing our part for you to provide value and convenience when you are shopping for auto parts and sharing information.

OEM Auto Parts Plus - The Next Part

Recently, we made additions to the website.  On our home page, you will find the icons for the 39 vehicle brands that offer genuine auto parts on OEM Auto Parts Plus.  When you click on an icon, you will find a description of each brand and dealership alliance information.

It’s important to know that if a part is available to our dealership, then it’s available to you.  Facebook has been a popular method to communicate with the personnel at OEM Auto Parts Plus.  We appreciate the dialogue with current/future customers, but we have a couple additional suggestions pertaining to how you can find the part you need for your repairs.

If questions arise finding the auto part you need, visit the Customer Service page of our website and find the vehicle brand for the part you are seeking.  If you are unsuccessful finding an answer there, send us an email at

From feedback via Facebook and our Customer Service page to another form of feedback, we want to hear from you.  If you acted like an auto mechanic one day, have a career as an auto mechanic or are a do-it-yourself auto mechanic, we know you have a story or two from the garage or the side of the road.  Share it with us because we want to share your story on this blog.  Everyone has a story.

Also, let’s share your pictures.  On Instagram or any social media channel, post a pic of the vehicle you are working on or show us the auto part you need or just bought.  Post it with the hashtag of #picparts.  Also, if you are at a sporting event or see a vehicle sign or billboard, snap a pic and post it with the hashtag #OEMAPP.  Find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We are looking forward to the next part to share.


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